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Want to improve your game?

Do you keep on missing the easiest of shots?

Get an AEBF Level 1 Qualified Coach to help you. A coach will spot the things you cannot see, like:

  • Objects of the game
  • Help with your stance, grip, cue arm, bridge, stroke or follow through
  • Sighting and aiming
  • Positional play
  • Discuss and develop tactics
  • Help with World Rules

If you want a coach, then:

  • Contact Kevin Higgins (
  • or (coaching section)
  • or qualified coaches

Do you want to help others to improve their pool?  If you do, then become an AEBF Level 1 qualified coach

Follow these six steps to become a qualified coach:

  1. AEBF - AEBF Member over 18 years of age
  2. AEBF - Coach's Code of Conduct
  3. ASC   - Level 1 Beginning Coaching Principles (8 hours)
  4. AEBF - Level 1 Coach Activity Sheet (20 hours)
  5. AEBF - Level 1 Eight Ball Training Program Course (8 hours)
  6. AEBF - Eight Ball Coach Accreditation Fee $220

- Contact Kevin Higgins (

- or

- or

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