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Country Week 2011

Well Country Week is all over for another year, thankyou to all who helped make it another successful year.

Congratulations to all the winning teams and also to all the individual award winners. 

I would like to acknowledge Luke Carter and the classy performance he put on to win the Singles – No disrespect to Dave Collingridge but in that form Luke is too good for most players. 

I must thank the Federation for all their work behind the scenes, Terry Green, Trevor Kitson, Winston Richards, Gary Paker, Ros Johnson, and all the others that pitched in.

To All WA Pool Tables, Chris and Ken a fantastic effort, the tables were great to play on and we really appreciate your efforts over the weekend.

The venue was very good although a bit tight and the lighting is still a problem, also having the Bar in the playing area is not ideal. 

I would also like to thank the WA 8-Ball federation for awarding me with life membership, I would also like to thank Brian Rogers for all his kind words and to everybody who acknowledged the work I put in.

It is nice to be recognised for the efforts you put in. 

Next year we hope to be back at the newly built Alma Venville centre, I have seen the floor plan and it can cater for up to 12 divisions with ease

This will solve out lighting issue as well as give us more room between the tables.

The results can be found in the left hand column, sorted by Divisions 1-10 and also Champion Town/overall results.


Country Singles Championship Results - Quarter Finals
Luke Carter Defeated Adrian Lancaster
Luke Foster Defeated Paul Bombara
Dave Collingridge Defeated Ben Dougherty
Dane Taylor Defeated Paul Hinks

Semi Finals
Luke Carter Defeated Luke Foster
Dave Collingridge Defeated Dane Taylor

Grand Final
Luke Carter Defeated Dave Collingridge


Division One

After solid 10-5 wins on Saturday against Karratha and Kalgoorlie and then a dominating 13-2 win over Bunbury that left Geraldton well on top of the ladder, they came back to earth with a thud losing to Albany 8-7

This Meant they would have to defeat an underperforming but still very strong Peel or if Kalgoorlie could beat Albany they would take the title

Geraldton got off to fast start leading Peel 6-1 but then the score got closer 6-2, 6-3, 7-3, 7-4, 7-5 then we finally got that vital 8th frame to give us the title.

Albany the only team defeat Geraldton surged ahead of Kalgoorlie with a 9-6 win giving them 2nd place by one frame from Kalgoorlie.

Players to perform well in Division one include Rocky Hammond (Kalgoorlie)(73.3%), Steve Brett (Albany) (66.7%), Luke Foster (Geraldton) (66.7%), Jason Doyle (Geraldton) (66.7%) Dax Wasley (Kalgoorlie) (66.7%)and Adrian Lancaster (Geraldton) (66.7%).


Division Two

Kalgoorlie lost to Bunbury in the 1st round but fought hard to stay in the race for the title winning all their other matches in good fashion

Bunbury who went into the last round against an underperforming but strong Peel side undefeated, if Peel won Kalgoorlie had the percentage to take the title

Peel went on to win the match 9-6 to give Kalgoorlie their best result at country week for quite a few years.

Players to perform well in Division two include Leigh Raaschou (Karratha) (80%) Tom Martion (Peel) (80%), Kevin Bennett (Kalgoorlie) (75%), Alf Grasso (Bunbury) (73.3%) Steve Truman (Bunbury) (73.3%), Dean Currie (Kalgoorlie) (71.43%) and Aaron Brooks (Kalgoorlie) (71.43%).


Division Three

Kalgoorlie got off to a fast start winning their 1st 4 matches and looking good for the title – Geraldton had lost their 2nd match to Bunbury but going into their last match still had a chance

They were playing Kalgoorlie in the last round they and needed to win 10-5 to go above them on the ladder, but to throw in a spanner Bunbury had also only lost 1 match and were playing Peel in their last round match

If Bunbury won convincingly and Geraldton defeated Kalgoorlie by a slim margin they could be champions. Geraldton managed to defeat Kalgoorlie 8-7 which left Kalgoorlie in top spot on percentage

And the match between Bunbury and Peel came down to 7 all, if Bunbury won they would be equal with Geraldton on points and percentage and take out 2nd place on a count back (they beat Geraldton in their match)

Peel won the last frame to leave Geraldton in 2nd place 2 frames behind Kalgoorlie.

Players to perform well in division 3 include Wes Hughes (Bunbury) (73.3%), Russell Hancock (Geraldton) (73.3%), Ron Hala (Kalgoorlie) (73.3%), Colin Stables (Peel) (73.3%) and Chris Tucker (Kalgoorlie) (66.7%).


Division Four

This was a very close division where every team was capable of beating any other team, going into the last round Geraldton led Bunbury by a few frames on percentage but were playing Peel last,

Bunbury had Albany, whichever team won would take out the title, Bunbury were always in control against Albany winning 10-5, Geraldton struggled against Peel losing 11-4 but holding on to 2nd position.

Players to perform well in division 4 include Tim Elwin (Peel) (86.6%), Malcolm Sanderson (Bunbury) (80%), Wayne McGlade (Albany) (75%), Keith Bastion (Geraldton) (73.3%), Lee Small (Peel) (73.3%) and Campbell Usher (Bunbury) (66.7%)


Division Five

Bunbury played Peel in the first round – the winner would be favourite to take the title, Bunbury won 9-6 and with some close and hard fought wins in their next 2 matches managed to stay undefeated on the Saturday

Peel were also playing well with some big wins after their disappointing first round loss but they had to rely on someone beating Bunbury.

Bunbury came out firing on all 4’s on the Sunday winning 12-3 and 13-2 to ensure they were the champions, Peel fought on strongly for 2nd place ahead of Geraldton in 3rd

Players to perform well in division 5 include Murray Wells (Bunbury) (86.7%), Shannon Ellis (Peel) (78.6%), Des Walker (Geraldton) (73.3%), Ryan Farr (Peel) (73.3%), John Dixon (Peel) (71.4%) and Shane Dubberlin (Peel) (69.2%)


Division Six

Kalgoorlie showed the way with some solid wins on the Saturday, 3 from 3 leaving them on top of the ladder with a very good percentage, Albany and Peel finished the day on 2 wins each with Peel having the best chance as they

had yet to play Kalgoorlie. Coming to the last round the sums were done to win Peel would have to beat Kalgoorlie 14-1 – a big ask – but Peel also had to think about Albany and 2nd spot, If they lost and Albany won 10-5 or better

Albany would take 2nd position. Albany won 12-3 and although a close match right through Peel lost to Kalgoorlie 8-7 to hand Albany 2nd place.

Players to perform well in division 6 include Andrew Whibley (Kalgoorlie) (86.7%), Stephen Jones (Kalgoorlie) (80%), Mark Teasdale (Kalgoorlie) (73.3%) David Welsh (Albany) (66.7%), Leigh Hills (Albany) (66.7%) Chris Simmons (Geraldton) (64.29%) and Anthony Caputo (Kalgoorlie) (64.29%)


Division Seven

Katanning finished the Saturday on top of the ladder undefeated but with matches against Peel and Bunbury on the Sunday it was still very open, Peel defeated Katanning 11-4 first up Sunday to draw level on points and push ahead on Percentage

And going into the last round Blackwood had to defeat Peel to give any other team a chance to catch them – Peel were to strong winning 12-3. Whoever won out of Bunbury and Katanning would take out 2nd spot behind Peel. Bunbury proved to strong going on to win 11-4

Players to perform well in division 7 include Adrian Morten (Peel) (86.7%), Peter Bunter (Peel) (80%), Peter Hinks (Bunbury) (78.6%), Hannu Tuoma (78.6%), Greg Barnard (Peel) (73.3%) John Godfrey (66.7%) and Jason Law (66.7%)


Division Eight

Katanning finished the Saturday undefeated closely followed by Narrogin and Peel on 2 wins each – however Sunday morning everything changed Katanning lost and both Narrogin and Peel won leaving all 3 teams on 3 wins and 1 loss

With Peel leading Katanning by 3 frames on percentage with a further 6 frames back to Narrogin. Katanning were playing Peel last and if they defeated Peel 8-7, Narrogin would have to beat Bunbury 14-1 to force a playoff,

Katanning proved their Saturday form was no fluke by defeating Peel 8-7, pushing Katanning back on top – Narrogin were playing well but not well enough to force a playoff defeating Bunbury 9-6 but still very happy with their2nd placing

Players to perform well in division 8 include Ken Meers (Katanning) (80%) Scott Fidler (Katanning (73.3%), Shane Rikys (Narrogin) (73.3%), Andrew Perkins (Peel) (73.3%) Iain Marshall (Karratha) (66.7%), Dale Collins (Karratha) (66.7%) Charlie Hoskin (Katanning) (66.7%), Bill Pickford (Narrogin) (66.7%) and Lisa Perkins (Peel) (66.7%).

Division Nine

Geraldton finished the Saturday in a dominating position with big wins 13-2, 10-5 then 12-3 making them a firm favourite, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie looked the only threats but only if Geraldton slipped up

Geraldton were playing Kalgoorlie 1st up on the Sunday and Kalgoorlie had to win to give anyone else a chance, Geraldton held on to win 8-7 and go into the last round with a commanding percentage

But it wasn’t quite all over yet an unlikely 13-2 win to Bunbury would see them take title – it wasn’t to be, Bunbury won 8-7 which was enough to ensure they finished in 2nd position behind Geraldton.

Players to perform well in division 9 include Cameron Fredrickson (Kalgoorlie) (93.3%), Brad Worth (Geraldton) (80%), Paul Gangemi (Peel) (80%), Donna Haben (Peel) (80%) Brett Matthews (Kalgoorlie) (73.3%) and Ken Ryder (Geraldton (66.7%)


Division Ten

Peel and Bunbury went into round 3 undefeated with the winner the likely champion, Peel won the match 9-6 leaving Blackwood as the only other team in the race for top spot – Peel took out Blackwood in convincing fashion 12-3 and won their last match against Kalgoorlie 8-7 to finish undefeated, Bunbury bounced back to win their last match and finish in 2nd spot

Players to perform well in division 10 include Kylie Grenfell (Peel) (91.7%), Rod Gillies (Peel) (91.7%), Toby Rodgers (Bunbury) (75%), Jared Miller (Blackwood) (66.7%), Wayne Smith (Blackwood) (66.7%), Darron Jakeman (Narrogin) (66.7%) and Lyn Stables (Peel) (66.7%)


Division Eleven

Geraldton won all their 3 matches on the Sunday and looked in a commanding position as no other team was even on 2 wins, Geraldton won their 1st match on Sunday leaving them undefeated and the champions,

Narrogin defeated all other teams but Geraldton to take 2nd spot

Players to perform well in division 11 include John Hodge (Narrogin) (83.3%), Adele Mills (Geraldton) (75%), Lauren Sumner (Geraldton) (75%),Ryan Barndon (Geraldton) (75%), Vicki Ramm (Katanning) (66.7%) and Clint Renfrey (Narrogin) (66.7%).