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Leagues & Comps


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The WAEBF runs and manages various competitive leagues throughout each year.  These Leagues cater for varying skill levels – from the novice right through to the amateur and elite player. Whilst general skill levels apply to each league, you’re welcome to challenge yourself and your own skills by playing in any team.

Challenge yourself to play against the best WA has to offer.  For a list of teams that participated in previous summer and winter competitions, visit the 'results archive' tab.

SUMMER AND WINTER TEAM LEAGUES - the ONLY official league competition.

As the names suggest, the Federation offers two seasonal team competitions:

This season runs from November to March with many players seeing this as their 'warm up' to the winter competition.  Divisions include Premier; 1st division; 2nd division; 3rd division; and the Northern Suburbs division.

This season runs from March to October and is the most popular and competitive 8 ball tournament in Perth.  Divisions include: Superleague; premier division; 1st division; 2nd division (North and South); 3rd division (North and South); and the Northern Suburbs division.

For further information regarding any of the above leagues, please contact Terry Green

As well as running its own competitions, the Federation proudly supports local 8 ball tournaments to showcase talent, further develop skill levels, and to provide a competitive, family friendly atmosphere.

(No competitions listed currently)

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