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Like all sports, 8-Ball has rules!

All States and Territories in Australia as well as the World Championships are played by what we call ‘World Rules’. You may find these quite different from your local pub rules and they can take a while to become familiar with. Here are some basic tips:

The Spirit of the Game:
The game is known as eight-ball pool. It is expected that players will always play in the spirit of the game and in a sporting manner.

The Break:
A break is considered to be legal if (a) four object balls (red, yellow or black) touch the cushion or (b) at least one object ball is potted. Sinking the white ball (or the cue ball) off the break gives the opponent one shot.

On playing each shot:
Either an object ball or the cue ball must (a) hit a cushion or (b) be potted with each shot taken.

Each player has 60 seconds to play each shot. In some instances, the games can be timed.

Foul on the black:
A foul on the black results in the opponent receiving 2 penalty shots. The frame is not won until the black ball is potted. 

In all games, an umpire must be present.  

For the full set of World Rules, please click here.

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