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Second/Third Division (South)

Congratulations to POT BLACK CANNINGTON 1 for winning the WAEBF 2nd/3rd Division (2nd Division) Summer Competition.
Congratulations to MILLS PARK BOWLING CLUB 2 for winning the WAEBF 2nd/3rd Division (3rd Division) Summer Competition.

Second Division

Elimination Final: Pickering Brook Sports Club (19) v Cannington Bowling club 1 (5)
Qualifying Final: Pot Black Cannington 1 (17) v Bentley Stadium (1)
Preliminary Final: Bentley Stadium (7) v Pickering Brook Sports Club (17)

GRAND FINAL: Pickering Brook Sports Club (14) v Pot Black Cannington 1 (16)

Third Division
Elimination Final: Pool Room Sharks 2 (21) v Pool Room Sharks 3 (9)
Qualifying Final: Mills Park Bowling Club 2 (11) v Cannington Bowling Club 2 (16)
Preliminary Final: Mills Park Bowling Club 2 (16) v Pool Room Sharks 2 (9)

GRAND FINAL: Cannington Bowling Club 2 (2) v Mills Park Bowling Club (16)

Bentley Stadium
Cannington Bowling Club 1
Cannington Bowling Club 2
Mills Park Bowling Club 2
Pickering Brook Sports Club
Pool Room Sharks 2
Pool Room Sharks 3
Pot Black Cannington
Southern River Red
Southern River White