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The Federation recognises the contribution made by Sponsors throughout the year. As a player, member, club or association involved with 8 Ball please continue to support our sponsors:

The Department of Sport and Recreation




Mr Billiards


The WAEBF essentially runs on the profits from player fees and registration, and relies upon community support from West Australians. You’ll find that the players themselves, along with all committee members play a big part in volunteering their time to the sport, the events, and anticipating the growth and promotion of the Federation nationally. Every little bit helps.

What does sponsorship mean?
Examples of meaningful sponsorship to the WAEBF include:

   supplying items and merchandise for the Federation to raffle which assists with fundraising throughout the year (especially for our teams participating in the Nationals).
   giving up time to help ie volunteer during WAEBF events such as country week.

What can I sponsor?
   awards at the Presentation Night (trophies).
   one or all of the State Seeding Selection Trials.
   costs towards the printing of National representation merchandise ie shirts, medallions or trophies.

What exposure do I receive if I do sponsor the WAEBF?
  a link at no cost on the WAEBF website with exposure to essentially the world.
  the ability to display banners, posters, merchandise and products at the event.

Be Creative .... we'd love to hear your ideas!

If you’re interested in sponsoring a WAEBF Event please use the Contact page in the main menu, or telephone the or .

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